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Apply for a disability worker screening clearance

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To work or volunteer with a registered NDIS provider or a state-funded disability provider in Queensland, you may need a disability worker screening clearance.

If you do need one, it most instances, you’ll need it before you start working.

To apply for a disability worker screening clearance you need to be engaged in employment with a provider, or a provider must be proposing to engage you. Employers must verify your engagement before your application is considered valid.

If you work with children with disability, you will also need a blue card. You can apply for both cards by completing a combined application via the Worker Portal and pay just one fee.

Information on fees and payment options (PDF, 359 KB).

From 1 February 2021, Registered Health Practitioners and Residential Aged Care workers delivering NDIS supports or services to people with disability will require an NDIS worker screening clearance.

If you are an existing yellow card or yellow card exemption card holder or a Registered Health Practitioner or Residential Aged Care worker with the relevant check or registration, you can continue working until your check expires or is cancelled. Make sure you apply for the relevant disability worker screening check before your current check expires to continue working with people with disability.

Before you apply, you should:

1. Check your eligibility using the Eligibility Calculator

To verify that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements check the Eligibility calculator.

2. Know your CRN or how to apply for one

To verify your identity and obtain the photo for your disability worker screening card, you will need a customer reference number (CRN) before you apply. You can find this number on any product issued by TMR, such as:

  • A driver licence
  • Adult proof of age card
  • Photo identity card
  • Industry authority

If you don’t have a CRN, or if your photo was taken more than 5 years and 3 months ago, you will need to visit a TMR service centre.

For further information on how to get a CRN please see our Identity verification fact sheet (PDF, 146 KB) Identity verification fact sheet (DOCX, 72 KB)

3. Know your payment options

You may need to pay a fee when you submit your application.

Payments are usually non-refundable.

You do not have to pay for your disability worker screening check if you are a volunteer.

If your online application requires payment, you will need to have a:

  • Mastercard or Visa credit/debit card (to pay for your application)

If you submit your application another way, (i.e. manual form) you can pay by:

  • BPOINT (note your BPOINT receipt number on your application form)
  • Bank Cheque
  • Money order

The prescribed fees are current from 1 July 2023. For further information please see our Fees and payment options information sheet (PDF, 359 KB).

Our application forms were updated on 1 July 2023 - please ensure you use the current forms if you are not able to apply online. They are available in the resources section of this website.

Apply online

You will need to register for a Disability Worker Screening online account before you can apply for your disability worker screening clearance. You only need to register once.

Once you have registered for your online account, you must log in to the online worker portal to apply for your card.

For a smooth application process, please check you eligibility via the Eligibility calculator and read the "Before you Apply" information on this page. 

If you have already registered for an online account you can login to your worker portal to commence a new application (or combined application with blue card), update an existing application, or check on the progress of a submitted application.

If ready to register for the first time

Register for an Online Account

If you have already Registered

Login to Worker Portal

Note: The online application works best using current browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. There may be compatibility issues with older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11 or earlier.

How long will it take to process my application

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More information about the application process

You can find out more information about the application process through our dedicated fact sheets.