Processing timeframes

How long will it take to process my application?

Application processing timeframes vary. Some applications are processed within a day and some can take weeks or even longer.

Most Disability Worker Screening applications submitted through our online worker portal are processed quickly. Applications take longer to process if any of the following factors apply:

  • Your application can't progress until the correct payment has been made (if applicable) and your employer has verified it. They have up to 30 days to do this.
  • If you submitted a paper application and it is incomplete, illegible or incorrect, delays in porcessing will occur
  • Other departments or agencies (including interstate agencies) can take time to provide the information we need to process your application.
  • If several people have your name and date of birth, it takes extra time for agencies to check your identity against their records.
  • If you have assessable information, your application will take longer to process. Please see our assessable information factsheet
Queensland supports a no card, no start approach to disability worker screening. This means, you can’t start work until you hold a clearance.

Assessable information

If you don't have assessable information to review, your application will be processed quickly.

If you do have assessable information, it takes longer to process your application because:

  • the information is carefully reviewed before a decision is made
  • how we are required to make our decision (for serious offences)
  • additional information may be required from other agencies
  • a submission may be required from you to support your application

What is assessable information?

Assessable information is any material we use to assess whether you pose a risk of harm to people with disability.

Assessable infomration can include any information you provide in your application, as well as any other information we request about you, such as:

  • Police information (including domestic and international criminal history)
  • domestic violence information
  • child protection or related information (as an adult)
  • Disciplinary information
  • outcomes of previous screening checkings (including interstate checks)
  • mental health information
  • NDIS misconduct or disciplinary information
  • other information authorised to be collected under the disability services act 2006 (QLD)

For more information, see our Assessable information factsheet (PDF, 164 KB) Assessable information factsheet (DOCX, 128 KB)

What happens next?

Once a decision is made, you and your employer will be notified of the outcome via email and you can start work then.

We will send your card and important information to the postal address you provided in your application, unless you have advised us of a change of address. You should recieve your card within 28 days of the date of the decision

Remember if any of your details change, you must notify us. You can do this either by submitting a completed form (available from our resources section on this website) or in some cases, through the worker portal. If you have any questions about your change in details. Please contact the Worker Screening Unit on Penalties may apply if you don’t let us know.

Processing timeframes transcript (DOCX, 14 KB).